Snowflake Sugar Cookies


These snowflake sugar cookies are by far my most favourite Winter cookie to make with the kids. Not only are the gorgeous, but they are so delicious too. I think you’re going to love them. Get the recipe over at CBC Parents.

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this week in bento boxes

We’ve been busy doing Christmas-y things all weekend. The tree is up, the decorations are out, and we even participated in the Santa Claus parade last night. The kids are starting to get REALLY excited and we still have over a month to go! I think I’ll start some Winter/Christmas themed bento boxes in the near future, but for now, just some easy and fun lunches….



Here’s a couple matchy fun bentos for my cute kiddies in their Rubbermaid lunchblox lunch kits. In the main container, they each had a turkey and lettuce sandwich with a keroppi the frog and chococat decoration. The smaller containers held flower-cut cucumbers with a cute pick, a silicone muffin cup with sliced cheesestring and some alphabet pretzels.



And here’s a couple easy lunches packed in their yumboxes. They had some ham lunch meat in the protein section, some alphabet pretzels in the grain section, some crinkle cut cucumbers with a cute pick in the veggie section, a berry fruit salad with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in the fruit section, and a cheesestring in the dairy section. They had some leftover smarties from Halloween in the middle section.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches (contains affiliate links):

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Book Review: 150+ Screen-Free Activities For Kids


Are you looking for a great book jam-packed full of easy and fun activities for children of all ages? Then you simply must get this book. I don’t do book reviews often, but I must tell you that I am just smitten with this book. Asia Citro, from Fun at Home with Kids is the author of 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids and she really has done a tremendous job coming up with original and easy playtime activities that kids of all ages are going to love. Asia’s book is bringing back the power of play.

When my book arrived last week, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I quickly flipped through the book and the first thing I noticed is that it is full of beautiful, full-colour photos for every single activity to guide and inspire you through the activities. My kids were immediately intrigued and flipped through the book with me. The first activity that caught their eyes was the Melting Ice Cream Dough. Do you think my kids like food or something, lol??


The activity looked easy enough and I had all the “ingredients” on hand. First of all, this ice cream dough smells INCREDIBLE. If you like neopolitan ice cream, this dough is going to make you drool. It seriously smelled so good. Secondly, this dough is so much fun to play with. The kids sat at the table and each of them played with this dough for over an hour! They just loved the feeling of it in their hands, squishing it, melting it, pulling it, and trying to form it. It was great just to watch them explore and discover and see the joy on their faces.


You can get the full instructions for this Melting Ice Cream Dough in Asia’s book. You’ll also find loads of other awesome activities. Some of the activities that my kids and I are wanting to do soon are Recycled Mix-and-Match Magnetic Robots, Hatching-Egg Bath Bombs, Miniature Water Beads, Erupting Volcano Dinosaur World, Fizzy Colored Slush, and Baked Cotton Balls.

With Christmas right around the corner, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids would be a great gift for parents, caregivers, or even yourself! You can find Asia’s book on Amazon HERE. Trust me, it’s great!

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American Girl Dollhouse – Living Room 2

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be showcasing another room in the American Girl dollhouse that I made for Kirsten out of 2 bookcases. In case you missed my previous posts, you can find them here:

American Girl Dollhouse

American Girl Dollhouse – Dining Room

American Girl Dollhouse – Living Room

This is definitely a thrifty dollhouse that can be used with any 18-inch doll. I used bookcases that I purchased from Amazon and then scoured the thrift stores and sale aisles to find great deals on furnishings. Links to some of the products I purchased can be found at the bottom of this post. I’ve slowly been showcasing the rooms and today I am going to share another room with you – the second living room – or formal living room, lol. Yes, Ellie (her AG doll) needs 2 living rooms.

Here it is:

It’s the top left hand room in the house…





Let’s get to the details of how I decorated this room…



First up, I found an old armoire style jewelry box at the thrift store and thought it would be perfect for the house!



It was $5.99, and after a few coats of pink spray paint, it was perfect for the house. My spray painting is a bit messy on this piece because it was the first furniture piece I painted for the house and was a little heavy on the coats. I learned from this piece and did a much better job for here on in. It took a long time to dry, but it’s now a perfect addition to her living room.

Next is a coat rack that I made from a mug tree…



I saw this mug tree in the thrift store aisle, and for $2.99, I couldn’t pass it up.


All I did to spruce this up a bit is paint each branch a different and bright colour. It made it a lot more fun and Kirsten just loves hanging Ellie’s coats from it. It works awesome!

The last piece of furniture that I made for the room was an adorable bench/couch.


I found this set of small wall shelves at the thrift store and had the idea to turn them into bench seating. I put the larger one in the dance studio – which I’ll show you guys later – and the smaller one in this living room.


They weren’t in the best shape, but nothing a quick spray of black spray paint couldn’t fix. I also bought some cute fabric, got some thick foam, and some fabric glue. I measured and cut a piece of foam to the size of the bench, and wrapped a piece of fabric around the foam, almost like wrapping a present. I secured everything with fabric glue and then glue gunned the foam bench seat to the black bench. They turned out awesome and were SOOO cheap to make!



Now, onto the room accessories.

My adorable little bench/couch pictured above needed some cool cushions. I came across these little gems at Winner’s one day…



Egg pillows! A set of 4 in super fun colours for $1.99. Now I don’t really know why someone would need egg pillows, but I do know they make pretty darn fabulous bench cushions in Ellie’s living room!


They are fun and match the room so well! They were a great find.


The large plant on the floor was a find from Walmart for $4.97. Sold!


I found this rug (which is actually a rug made for student’s lockers) at Michael’s during back to school. It retailed for $15.00 but was 50% off that day, so I got it for $7.49. It’s super soft and really goes well in the room!

I also found the light fixture at Michael’s too!


It was chevron, which was perfect and matched my chevron couch. It too is meant for a kid’s locker, but these lights are absolutely perfect in an AG dollhouse. It retailed for $24.99, but it was half price as well. I got it for a cool $12.49. I attached the light to the ceiling with double sided sticky tape. And yes, the lights really work. I think these light fixtures in our AG dollhouse really make it special.


I found this cute little AG-sized alarm clock on Etsy for about $5.00. Yes, the alarm clock really does work! Etsy and Ebay both have some great knock-off finds for your AG dolls. Keep your eyes open for great deals!

Lastly, I put a bowl of apples on top of the armoire. The bowl was purchased from Walmart. They were $2.00 for a set of 2. I got the apples from the thrift store.


I think I got a whole bag of this mini apples for about $1.00. What a steal. They look just like real apples too and they are perfect dollie-sized!


Here are links to some of the supplies I used to make this room – I did purchase the bookcases from Amazon and they are fabulous. The other items were not purchased from Amazon but I will leave you the links on Amazon in case you are interested…

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this week in bento boxes

Happy Sunday! The kids just came back inside from playing in the snow for a bit and now they are settling down to watch a movie together. I’m sneaking on here to post a couple of their school lunches that they enjoyed this past week. 2 more matching lunches which makes for a super happy mama!



Here’s a couple matching lunches that are packed in their EasyLunchboxes. The largest section held half a ham sandwich with a super cute and super easy piece of baran stuck on top. I also placed a cheesestring in there too. The other sections held a berry fruit salad with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. They also had flower-cut cucumbers with a cute pick – a birdie for Kirsten and a monkey for Camden!



And here’s a couple matching lock and lock 4-square bento boxes. I removed 2 of the squares and the kids had half a turkey and lettuce sandwich with a cute piece of baran – a panda bear for Camden and a guinea pig for Kirsten. The other squares held fresh green grapes with a music pick for Kirsten and a panda bear pick for Camden and some fancy cut cucumbers.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches (contains affiliate links):

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