mirror image butterflies

This craft is awesome. So easy and produces amazing results. It took us doing a few to get the butterfly pattern right, but once I figured out where to glob the paint on the paper we got these gorgeous butterflies. A few of them aren’t exact mirror images because we used a lot of gel paint and the colours ran a bit while drying, but they still look great. Kirsten loved rubbing the paper to get the paint to spread. Here’s the instructions and the results:

What you’ll need:

googly eyes


1. fold piece of paper in half
2. unfold paper and place globs of paint on one of the folded sides
3. fold paper over again
4. rub the folded paper like crazy until all the paint is spread
5. open up your folded paper to reveal your masterpiece
6. draw on antennae with your sharpie and glue on some googly eyes.

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