yarn bowls

This was a really fun craft. Kirsten loves balloons, so any craft that involved using a balloon was going to be a winner. We had made a few of these, but only one made it to the final drying stage. They need 24 + hours to dry completely and Cam found a couple of these before they were dry and pulled them to the ground. Oh well, at least we have one to show you guys.

What you’ll need:

Yarn, cut in strips about 8-10 inches long
bottle of glue
2 bowls


1. blow up your balloon and place it upside down in a bowl for stability.
2. in your second bowl, dump an entire bottle of white glue and toss in your strips of yarn to soak
3. one at a time, pull a strand of yarn out of the glue and place it on the bottom of your balloon.
4. repeat step 3 until you have lots of overlapping strands of yarn in a bowl shape.
5. put in a high place (high enough that your toddler can’t pull them down) and patienty wait until dry. This step will take at least 24 hours, if not longer, so be patient.
6. when completely dry, pop the balloon and it should detach from the yarn bowl nicely.
7. figure out what great things you’ll use your yarn bowl for, we used it for some of Kirsten’s beads!

Idea from lulubeans

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7 thoughts on “yarn bowls

  1. crafty grandma Tremblay

    What a great idea to make with the grands when they come for a sleep over!! Thank you for posting

    1. Jill Post author

      Nope. I did not color the glue. I just used regular white school glue. It’s the yarn that is colored. I hope that helps!


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