alphabet craft: J is for Jaguar

J is for Jaguar

What You’ll Need:

orange foam sheet
black foam sheet
black sharpie
googly eyes

How to make the ‘J’ Jaguar:

1.Trace and cut an uppercase ‘J’ out of the orange foam sheet.
2.Using the excess orange foam, cut out small ears, four legs/feet and a face for your jaguar.
3.Draw spots all over the letter J to give your jaguar some spots.
4.Glue on the legs, ears and face. Add the eyes too!
6.Draw claws on your jaguars feet as well as a mouth on his face, colour in the ears.
7.Use the black foam sheet to cut out a tail and nose – glue on jaguar.

Idea from totallytots

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3 thoughts on “alphabet craft: J is for Jaguar

  1. Jill

    Krystal – thank-you so much. Unfortunately I got lazy over the summer with doing these and haven’t continued. I do plan on starting them again. In the meantime, almost all the letter ideas I got were from the totally tots website. Here are all their uppercase letters:


    And they’re working on their lowercase letters right now:


    Hope that helps!


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