apple stamping

This was really fun and easy and Kirsten had a great time stamping the apples. So simple, yet looks so beautiful.

What you’ll need:

paper (or use canvas like me)
paint – red, green, yellow
brown and green sharpies


1. carefully slice your apples in half down the middle
2. dip your apple slice in your paint
3. stamp apple on canvas
4. draw on stems and leaves

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2 thoughts on “apple stamping

  1. jenrunde

    oooooo – I like it! Tell Kirsten that Auntie Jen thinks these are AWESOME! I see a new craft in my kiddies’ futures. This would match my classroom perfectly!

  2. jenrunde

    The kiddies made these this morning – even Allison was quite into it, “My bapple, my turn!” Yes, she calls apples, bapples. Elizabeth made one just like yours for her end of the year teacher present, and I made one for my classroom. Katie and Allison made theirs on smaller squares, and the 3 apples fit diagonally. Elizabeth stamped one apple on 3 little squares, and we’ll hang them in a row in her room. Just waiting for the paint to dry a little more before we add the stem and leaf. Very cute, Jill!


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