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This is just the most brilliant idea ever. Kirsten ADORES this little makeup set, and I don’t even wear very much makeup! Everytime we come home, this is the first thing she wants to play with. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like messes or anything messy. For some reason, all play makeup sold for little girls is actually REAL makeup. No thank-you! When I saw this idea, I fell in love with it. The “makeup” is actually dried nailpolish and it looks so real. I bought a cute little case, cheap makeup, nailpolish, makeup brushes, and a compact mirror – most of it from the dollar store. You can even use old makeup containers you have leftover if you save them! Kirsten just loves this and she doesn’t care that it isn’t real. It’s all about imagination at this age anyway. Here’s the directions:

What you’ll need:

empty makeup containers
nailpolish – lots of crazy colours
makeup brushes
compact mirror
fun carrying case or makeup bag


1. empty and clean all your makeup containers.
2. pour nailpolish of various colours into the empty makeup partitions. You’ll want to pour very slowly so you don’t pour the little mixing beads out of the bottle. You’ll want to fill the partition to the top because as the nailpolish dries it will shrink to about half-full.
3. allow to dry in a well-ventilated area – drying will take at least 24 hours, longer if the makeup partitions are deep. For the smell of the nailpolish to disappear though, you’re probably looking at about a week before you want to give it to your kids.

Idea and complete (better) instructions from
not so idle hands

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12 thoughts on “play makeup

  1. Amy Denton

    What a great idea. Wish I had seen something like this when my nieces were younger. will keep in mind for grandkids. New to your Blog you’ve got some great stuff and ideas here.


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