bottlecap birdies

I adore little birdies, so I always try to think of crafts that incorporate them. I also love crafts that involve recycled materials. It’s amazing what you can do with what a lot of people think is garbage. I’d been saving my bottlecaps for awhile, trying to figure out what kind of crafts to do with them. This was so simple. I helped Kirsten turn these plain bottlecaps into sweet little birdies. She thought this was a lot of fun. Here’s the simple directions:

What you’ll need

6 bottlecaps – 3 larger and 3 smaller
paper or canvas
orange foam
googly eyes


1. Glue 1 large and 1 small bottlecap on your paper to make the shape of a birdie. Repeat this until you have used up all your bottlecaps.
2. cut small orange triangles out of your orange craft foam and glue them to the paper to form the bird’s beaks
3. Glue a googly eye on each bird
4. Use an orange marker and draw your birdie some legs
5. Cut your feather at the end, and glue this on the larger bottlecap to make your birdie a wing. Done!

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