go fish – plus free printable from Tricia-Rennea

I saw these adorable little fishies that were free for printing on Tricia-Rennea’s blog and fell in love with them. She had made them to make a fishie mobile (which would also be super adorable), but I thought that I could make a fun fishing game for the kids with them. I was right, the kids LOVED this. The kids played together really well at first, until Cam had other ideas. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the pictures below. He is such a boy. This was really simple to make and I know it’s a game my kids will want to play with often. Here’s some pictures and the directions:

The fishies

The fishies in their bowl

The fishing rods

The go fish game

Playing together nicely, at first

Kirsten really got the hang of the game and was really proud of all her ‘catches’

Cam is a whole other story – first he had a little taste, of course!

Then he dumped the whole game and wanted to wear the bowl as a hat

Then he decided to stand on the bowl

Then he broke Kirsten’s fishing rod – you can see her broken rod in the above pics

Then he decided to eat the broken fishing rod

What am I going to do with this little guy! Oh well, they still had lots of fun. Here’s how I made this fun game:

What you’ll need:

Tricia-Rennea’s awesome printable fishies – get them here
paper clips

blue bowl – mine’s from the dollar store



1. print out the fishies and cut out the shapes.
2. glue them together, placing a paper clip in between, just sticking out. Allow to dry.
3. when dry, place in a big blue bowl.
4. put a little glue on the end of a stick and wrap a piece of yarn around it, have the yarn hang a bit, and then wrap a magnet with some glue around the other end. Allow to dry.
5. let your kiddos have fun!

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14 thoughts on “go fish – plus free printable from Tricia-Rennea

  1. Megali

    Late to the party, but I have to say this is fantastic! I’m busy searching online for DIY gifts for my soon to be three year old and I know he will love this!

  2. gloria

    Don’t want to be a stick (fishing pole?) in the mud, but magnets are a horrible thing for kids to swallow. Causes big problems for their insides. When I made a version of this game for my grandson, I glued the string (strongest kind, practically unbreakable) between two magnets. I used the strongest glue I could find. And I placed the magnets with their “attracting” sides together. Then after the glue was dry, I did everything I could think of to try to pry them apart (without success) before I gave it to my grandson.

    Love your fishie printables.

    1. Jill

      Hi Gloria! I can assure you that my kids never played this game without my supervision. As you can see from the picture – I had a little guy who liked to put things in his mouth. I always had to watch him like a hawk. My daughter never did that. Thankfully he doesn’t do that anymore (this post is from 2 years ago!). I hope your grandson liked the game!

  3. Mindy

    Hi Found your blog through pinterest! Do you by chance have a copy of those fish? The blog that you got them from is no longer there! Thanks!

    1. Jill Post author

      Sorry Mindy, but I don’t. I would have had them on my old computer that crashed and I lost everything. Sorry!


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