paper plate turkeys for Canadian Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, so all this week I’ll be featuring some of the fun things we’ve been doing for Thanksgiving. These paper plate turkeys were really fun. Here’s what you’ll need to make them.

What you’ll need:

paper plates
brown paint
paint brush
coloured feathers
orange, red, and brown foam
googly eyes


1. paint your paper plate brown and allow to dry
2. cut a circle out of your brown foam and glue to the centre of your paper plate for the head. Cut an orange triangle beak and orange feet out of your orange foam and a red gobble thingy out of your red foam. Glue these to your paper plate.
3. glue on two googly eyes
4. glue some feathers on the back of your paper plate.
5. allow to dry before letting the kids play with it

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8 thoughts on “paper plate turkeys for Canadian Thanksgiving

  1. Karli

    You are so creative – what a fun mom you must be! :-) I have been planning forever to do a fun food Friday, and linking back to your blog. I LOVE your ideas! I want to do the rainy day lunch one, (because it looks managable – LOL!)


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