bubble bath paint

My kids LOVED this. I mixed up some baby bubble bath/body wash with a little cornstarch and a little food colouring and they played in the tub forever. They had so much fun painting the walls and even painting themselves. I didn’t have to worry about them painting themselves either because I made this with gentle, tear-free, baby wash. It only took minutes to make too, which is always a bonus. Don’t worry about this staining your tub walls either. I have white tiles and grout and it washed off very easily. Try this out with your kiddos, they’ll love you for it! Here’s the ‘recipe’:

What you’ll need (this was enough to make 4 containers):

1 cup baby bubble bath or body wash – as long as it is clear/white
4 tbsp cornstarch
a few drops of food colouring
small containers with lids


1. in a mixing bowl mix together your bubble bath and cornstarch
2. pour this mixture into 4 small containers
3. pour a couple drops (you only want to use a couple drops so it won’t stain) of food colouring in each container and mix well
4. your kids can use either paintbrushes or their hands to have fun in the tub
5. when you’re done, snap on the lid and they’re ready to go for next time

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70 thoughts on “bubble bath paint

  1. KJ

    Oh thats a fantastic Christmas gift idea for my nephews! THANKS! I’m stopping by for the first time from the link up at Tot Tuesdays.

  2. Judy

    I’m sure my boys would absolutely love this, but I can’t help wondering how long it would last before all of them were spilled…I still think I will have to try this with my boys to find out :)

    Thanks for the fun idea!

  3. Anne@LittleSproutBooks

    Love the little containers! We also like to paint with a little food-coloring mixed with shaving cream. I choose the ladies creams because the scents aren’t as strong, and mix it in muffin tins, then paint away!

  4. whyamysmiles

    How fun! I’ve already gathered the supplies for this and can’t wait to make it. Now, how will I ever get her out of the tub once she sees these? :) Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!

  5. Jill

    Hi Sheryl! I’ve actually never had a problem with that – and we’ve made this quite a bit. Very interesting to know though. Maybe this has less cornstarch that oobleck does??

    1. Jill

      I’ve never tried it, so I can’t tell you for sure whether it would work or not. If you do try it, please let me know your results. I would love to know!

  6. lilymomof2

    Found this via pinterest – thank you for the awesome idea! I use the sleepytime bathwash for it… They get to play and get sleepy too! :)
    If you’re interested in recipes, come peek at my blog: lilymomof2.wordpress.com!

  7. Katie Helmreich

    My kids loved it! Except that it left raging red rash spots on my 19mo old… He doesn’t seem too fussed, but since it’s obviously a gentle recipe I’m not sure what didn’t agree with him. Anyone else run into this and have another recipe option? Maybe I’ll try the flour. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Jill

      Oh no! Did you use a bubble bath that he had used before without trouble? Do you think it was the cornstarch or food colouring?? Hopefully your little guy will be better soon. I have another bath paint recipe using shaving cream (for sensitive skin) and food colouring, but I worry he might have trouble with that one too.

  8. Danielle

    Thanks so much for this recipe! My boys and I are about to make it now.

    I saw the ClubHouse food colouring box and knew immediately that you must be Canadian. I’m currently living in the US but grew up in Canada. You can’t find those cute little food colouring bottles here. But it totally reminded me of baking with my mom when I was a kid. So thanks.

  9. Tiffany

    Saw this on pinterest and I think I might try this. My son really doesn’t enjoy painting/coloring but maybe in the bath this will interest him. Thanks!

  10. Kelly foster

    Hello! This was lots of fun, unfortunately like the poster above, one of my girls developed a terrible rash as well :(

  11. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing this great idea! We have bath crayons, but they’re almost used up and are a PAIN to wash up. We’ll have to try these next! I’m putting together a roundup of DIY gifts on my blog and wondered if you’d mind if I used a picture with a link to this post. Thanks!

  12. Crystal June

    Hi there,

    Wondering how long the paint could be made ahead of time? I am looking to use these for a birthday party takeaway and wanted to make it ahead of time.



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