fun food friday: brrr, baby it’s cold outside!

This week’s fun food friday is a pair of mittens. I thought it would be a good lunch because we have snow on the ground now and it’s pretty cold. Although not officially Winter yet, it’s definitely coming! The kids loved this super easy lunch and I loved making it for them. Here’s how I made it:

A rotisserie chicken sandwich cut into 2 mittens. I used a Wilton mitten cookie cutter. I used strips of fruit leather and sliced carrots to make stripes and polka-dots on the mittens. Raspberry applesauce swirled to look like mitten strings and fresh raspberries for garnish. Yummy!

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7 thoughts on “fun food friday: brrr, baby it’s cold outside!

  1. Jennifer Runde

    You’re darn right it’s cold out there!!! BRRRRRR! Katie said “nice sunglasses” at first, (I think it was the apple sauce), but when I told her they were mittens, she laughed and said “silly me”. The girls love your Fun Food Fridays!!!
    We’re not so sure about dancing tomorrow, either – I think it depends on how much snow Jay has to shovel ;)


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