fun food friday: L is for Lion

This weeks fun food friday is L is for Lion. The kids loved this, but Kirsten did have a minor meltdown when I first gave it to her. She was upset that I used the letter L, and not the letter K for Kirsten. She’s a little obsessed with the letter K, and I guess thought that I should dedicate the lunch just to her. Funny kid. After she dried her tears, she gobbled the whole thing up. Here’s how I made it:

Lion – half a toasted english muffin with peanut butter, banana and blueberry eyes, orange nose and slivered almond mouth – clementine orange mane

banana garnish and a cheese letter L.

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12 thoughts on “fun food friday: L is for Lion

  1. phasejumper

    So cute! I had seen a lion’s mane made out of mac n cheese, but not oranges… I will definitely use this (and link back to you) for my lion theme day in March! Thanks for posting!


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