Since Halloween just passed, my little Kirsten has become obsessed with lollipops. Every time she asks for a treat, she asks for a lollipop. We actually got rid of all the candy this weekend so we didn’t have to hear her ask for another lollipop. When she asked me for a lollipop this weekend, I decided I’d give her another kind of lollipop. We would make some crafty lollipops. She just loved this. I cut some cardstock with a couple punches I have and she decorated them with glitter and beads (aka sprinkles). We made this craft while Cam was napping because he surely would have eaten them! Here’s how we made them:

What you’ll need:

different colours of cardstock or paper
paper punches or scissors
lollipop sticks
“sprinkles” (glitter, small beads, or whatever else you have on hand)


1. cut out some circular shapes using a paper punch or scissors. I have larger scalloped ones and smaller circles.
2. glue the smaller circle on the larger one
3. decorate your lollipop with whatever you desire
4. glue a lollipop stick to the back
5. tie on a pretty ribbon

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10 thoughts on “lollipops!

  1. Jennifer Runde

    Kirsten can make me a lollipop anytime! And you threw out all her candy??? My girls were horrified – we just hide theirs in a top cupboard and give them two a day. We end up throwing the bags out at Christmas, when we start all over again with Christmas candy (and then Valentines, and then Easter …)


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