milk carton tab rings

I just love crafts that use recycled materials. Kirsten just loves all things girly. Enter this craft. Adorable rings with beads made out of milk carton or juice carton tabs. Brilliant. I saw these adorable little rings on Zakka Life and just had to make them. Kirsten LOVED these rings. Seriously. If you have a little girly girl, she’s going to love these. Give them a try:

What you’ll need:

milk carton or juice carton tabs
tiny beads (seed beads) – any colour, or use a variety like I did
mod podge


1. clean your milk or juice carton tabs and dry
2. cover the flat part with a layer of glue – don’t be shy, lay it on thick
3. place beads in a dish and place your ring, glue side down, in the beads to fully cover the ring
4. allow to dry
5. using a brush, spread a thin layer of mod podge over top to keep the beads in place
6. allow to dry

Idea from Zakka Life

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16 thoughts on “milk carton tab rings

  1. L.

    Oh so cute! I can’t wait to do girly crafts when Harper gets older. And Kirsten has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. You are going to be in trouble some day for sure!!

  2. Jennifer Runde

    My little cutie pie … xo. I hope you know … I can’t throw out a milk or juice ring without feeling guilty. I even asked James if it was OK once at camp. Great pics – LOVE those dimples! Want to watch Allison Saturday evening while we go to Elizabeth’s soccer game (we’ll take Katie)??? Just throwing it out there … Allison would have a great time making crafts with Auntie Jilly …

  3. Design It Chic

    Hi Jill! That’s such a cute and easy project! Very inexpensive and entertaining for the kids! I am now following you thanks to Friday Blog Hop, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
    Also today we have the coolest blog hop there is… no rules just fun and would love you to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday :) Happy Friday!

  4. Kayte

    These are so inventive. My daughter would just love this project.

    I came over by way of ABC and 123. Thanks for sharing. I’m also a new follower :)


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