my little love and her lovey

I had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday and I can’t sleep. I’ll spare you all the details. I figured I’d share some photos of Kirsten with her most favourite thing in the world – new baby dolly. Yes, that’s her name. I’ve gently tried to suggest other names, but she insists on new baby dolly. The new part because she has two of these dollies – the other one is old baby dolly. Original, right? Kirsten doesn’t go anywhere without new baby dolly. She just loves her and it’s the sweetest thing. It’s funny seeing the differences between my daughter and son. Kirsten has always been very attached to her dollies and she is very nuturing and loving with them. Just like a little mommy. Cam has never really shown any interest in a particular toy to use as a lovey despite all the stuffed animals he has. If he does grab one, it’s usually to toss across the room. There are no hugs involved! I love these kids. Now I need to try and go rest before the kiddos wake up.

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13 thoughts on “my little love and her lovey

  1. Jennifer Runde

    Well, “new baby dolly” and “old baby dolly” are pretty much equal to Katie’s “peanut butter” and “butter” … we’ve got to work on these girls’ imaginations. ;) Hope you’re feeling better – I’ve been waiting to call until I thought you were up to talking on the phone without too much pain. I’ll call you tomorrow after work. xo

  2. Kelly Polizzi

    love the photography and your daughter looks beautiful as always. I love the one where she’s looking lovingly at her doll, so precious! The name thing is similar to what my daughter does. I buy her a toy dog and she calls it, ‘dog’. I buy her a doll and it’s, ‘dolly’. I buy her a toy cat and it’s ‘kitty’ etc. lol


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