the serious professor

When we were making our potato head pumpkins a couple weeks ago, Cam found the potato head glasses. He put them on and would not crack a smile! He was so serious, it was hilarious! You could tell he thought he was funny, but he remained so serious. Of course I had to run and grab my camera and snap a few pics. I also have pics of Kirsten at about the same age with the potato head glasses on. These kids are so funny!


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20 thoughts on “the serious professor

  1. Love and Lollipops

    These are just lovely pictures…one’s to treasure! I love Camden’s expression! May I ask, how old is Camden?

    PS. My little one also went through a phase of walking around with these little specs…except on his forehead!

  2. Karli

    This is hysterical! It reminds me to take a picture of Livia wearing our Mr. Potato head glasses. They’re blue, and she wears them on her neck because her face is too big – LOL!

  3. Jennifer Runde

    Hee hee – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!!! And I still remember Kirsten with her “reading glasses” for the Complete Bartender – you totally should’ve posted one of those, too!


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