sweet little newborn footprints

I didn’t just start liking handprint and footprint crafts when my kids became toddlers, I’ve always had a love for them. I did footprints of each of my newborns at 10 days old in paint colours to match their rooms. I framed them in an IKEA ribba frame and they hang in their bedrooms. These are memories I will treasure and I’m so happy I was able to capture them. Don’t you just love tiny little newborn feet?

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9 thoughts on “sweet little newborn footprints

  1. Kerry McCullough

    How adorable! I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t do this. I have the little frames with stamp pads engraved with “tiny little hands” and “tiny little feet.” I procrastinated too long and now his hands and feet are not so tiny anymore- so I left the fake baby model hand/foot prints in the frames and hung them anyway ;)

  2. Love and Lollipops

    Hi Jill!

    I have added you to my “Blogs I love” list on my front page…this is a great way to keep track of all the good stuff you get up to! :)

    Wanted to ask about what camera and lens you shoot with…your photographs are lovely!

    Take care,


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