fun food friday: here comes Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming to town! The kids really loved this. Santa was really easy to make and I had all the ingredients for him already on hand. I was going to add some more Christmas-y things to the plate, but it looked too busy so I just left it at Santa and kept it easy. Here’s how I made him:

Santa’s hat is made out of a sun-dried tomato wrap and a regular wrap. Santa’s face and ears are a piece of bologna. Cherry tomato for the nose, cheeks and mouth and candy eyes. I used shredded mozzarella cheese for this beard. Really cute, fast and easy.

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10 thoughts on “fun food friday: here comes Santa Claus

  1. L.

    You inspired me to try making some fun food. I only made his normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I cut it out with a Christmas tree cookie cutter and he went nuts. He kept saying thank you Mommy. Then today I found a 10 pack of the mini cutters at Michael’s for $.49 and couldn’t pass them up. I cut out his cantaloupe into snowflakes and I have never seen him eat fruit so fast!! Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe now I will be able to get him to branch out in the food department and try new things. Keep them coming!!

    But I have to ask…. what do you do with the scraps? My dogs are going to get really fat really fast if I don’t come up with a better method;) Thanks!!

  2. Jill

    L – I’m so happy he loved it. You’ll be surprised at what they’ll eat when you cut it into cute shapes. As for the scraps – that’s usually what I end up eating for my lunch – lol! The kids will have cute stuff and I eat the scraps. I try not to waste anything.


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