fun food friday: a stocking filled with goodies

I’m so excited about all the Christmas-themed fun food fridays that I’m making. These are so much fun! This week’s is a stocking filled with goodies and I just love it. I used tiny cookie cutters that I had to make all the small things in the stockings. The kids LOVED this. They are getting so excited about Christmas and Santa coming. I can’t wait! Here’s how I made this lunch:

Stocking: sun-dried tomato wrap cut into stocking shape, plain wrap as trim. Stocking filled with rotisserie chicken. I used small cookie cutters and cut shapes out of cheese, pears, and fruit leather and stuck at top of stocking.
Garnish around plate is pear gingerbread men and raspberries.

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15 thoughts on “fun food friday: a stocking filled with goodies

  1. Paris

    That is adorable, and I agree with Amanda, I will be making one for my toddler AND for myself! Maybe some chocolate in my stocking would be good. :)

  2. Becky and Cameron Wyatt

    When is your Fun Food Friday book coming out? ;) My daughter is only 8 months old and I hate to cook – but your blog gives me hope and inspiration that cooking for her will be okay. It’s so kind of you to share the instructions (lord knows I need it).

  3. Shelly

    Incredibly cute – I’ve only recently found your blog (when searching for cute toy box labels) and your Fun Food Friday has me hooked. I’ve done a “monkey” sandwich and a “whale” sandwich since. My 3yo daughter now thinks I’m brilliant! Thank you for all the great ideas :)


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