handprint snowman tree ornaments

Here’s the ornaments we made last year. It seems that everyone in internet land made them last year, but I actually got the idea from my sister who made them the previous year. These are so adorable and I’m so happy I made them while my kids were small. Last Christmas Cam was just turning 1 and Kirsten was 2 1/2. These ornaments will be fantastic keepsakes for when my kids are older and I’m going to display these ornments on my tree every year. Now because I have a white/silver theme to my tree, I made these on silver balls. I didn’t like the paint pens that I bought. They were hard to work with, took forever to dry and ran like crazy. So, the snowmen don’t look fabulous, but I still love them nonetheless. Here’s how we made them:

What you’ll need:

tree ornaments
white paint
paint brush
paint pens


1. paint your child’s hand white
2. have them grasp the ornament from the bottom, kind of holding it in their palms and press their fingers against the side of the ornament
3. allow to dry
4. using the paint pens, decorate the fingers to look like snowmen and allow to dry.
5. I wrote my child’s name, date and age on the bottom to always remember when they were made.

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22 thoughts on “handprint snowman tree ornaments

  1. Jennifer Runde

    Wow! You must have a super creative sister! ;)
    I remember Kirsten DID NOT want me to paint her hands – it’s a good thing she got over that, crafty lady!
    Cute snowmen – I love snowman decorations!
    Just wrapped your Christmas present! :)

  2. 1Ne PRouD MaMa

    I love your craft ideas. I just did the Christmas lights one th either day with my 2year old. It was fun. Didn’t quite come out as perfect as yours, but a great idea, none the less

    1. Jill

      If you buy the matte ornaments – which is what I used in the picture – I just recommend using sharpies. They will work great. The sharpies won’t work as well on glass shiny ornaments though. I used paint pens and they were messy.

  3. Ashley Carver

    I made these for a family I work for and was wondering what you would reccomend to put over the handprint to make it more permanent on the ornament? Anything wet and the hand prints rub off. :(

    1. Jill

      What kind of paint and finish of ornament did you use? I haven’t had that problem, but maybe it’s just that mine have never gotten wet so I haven’t realized it. I think you could spray them with an acrylic sealer like this one:


      That’s the matte finish. They make a glossy finish too depending on the look you’re going for or the finish of your ornament.

      I hope that helps!


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