Happy 2nd Birthday Camden!

Today is my sweet little guys 2nd birthday. I can’t believe it. I still remember being in the hospital 2 years ago today, eagerly anticipating my little man’s arrival and REALLY hoping I would be home for Christmas! Everything went great and I was able to go home on Christmas Eve. Camden is such a joy. He’s the busiest little boy I know and always keeps us on our toes. He loves climbing things, getting stuck in things, and making big messes. But, he also loves hugs, kisses and cuddles. Despite how busy he is, he’ll always take the opportunity to cuddle up with us and I just love it. His best friend in the world is his sister. He loves his sister so much, it just melts my heart. He’s learning new things and new words every day and he never ceases to amaze me. I love you so much my little Cam. Have a wonderful 2nd birthday (excuse me while I wipe my tears!). I now have a two year old and a three year old. Where does the time go?? We had a sock monkey birthday party for Cam on Sunday and it was awesome. Here’s a few pics from his big day:

His birthday invitation I made (with personal info taken out of course). I just adore these little monkeys:

The table set up:

Monkey cupcakes are a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. I cut a nilla wafer in half for the mouth. Chocolate chip eyes and chocolate melting wafers stuck in the sides for ears.

Monkey drinking cups are made using a brown drinking cup. Cut a two inch circle out of tan coloured cardstock and cut in half. Glue to cup holding down at corners for about 30 seconds so corners don’t peel up. Cut one inch circles (2) out of dark brown cardstock and bend slightly and glue to sides for ears. Glue on 2 googly eyes. These cups were a hit and I got the idea from Martha Stewart!

I made tags using the sock monkey graphic and attached them to the goodie bags with the kids names on the back. The goodie bags are just brown paper lunch bags.

I also glued the above tags to lollipop sticks and glued a larger cardstock circle on the back. I filled votive candle holders with blue jelly beans and stuck the lollipop stick inside.

The little jelly bean bandit caught stealing jelly beans before his party!

Happy Birthday to Camden! OK, I’m totally bawling my eyes out now.

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18 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Camden!

  1. Elle Belles Bows

    Happy Birthday Camden! Wow! What a great job on the party. Love the brown and blue together!! LOVE the cups and cupcakes!! May need to make the cupcakes one day!! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  2. Karli

    Awww..happy b-day to your sweet Christmas gift! What a wonderful time of year for a new baby…that must have been so exciting. Livia will be 2 in March; I can’t believe how quickly it passes. The party decor is PERFECTION! Love it all, the colors, the creativity, and how special that you had a hand in all of it. (I have to do the Party America thing – LOL!) Merry Christmas! :-)

  3. Tanya

    Looks like a wonderful party. My youngest was born just a day before yours…I, too, was desperately hoping to be home for Christmas (especially since that was my due date!).

  4. Michelle

    What a sweet little party! I am also doing a sock monkey theme for my little man’s birthday in march, where did you find the image of the sock monkey for the invites and for the tags? I have been looking everywhere for one…any suggestions?


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