the Santa picture

So this may not be the best $8.00 I’ve spent, but it’s all about the memories. We decided to go see Santa on Friday night. Friday night may not have been the best time to go, but hey, I work full-time and my time is limited. After we waited in line about 45 minutes, the kids finally got to sit on Santa’s lap. Cam was more than a little cranky after that long wait and wasn’t too sure about Santa at all. As you can see in the picture, he is holding our car keys to keep him somewhat amused. Kirsten is a little nervous. You can tell because she’s going to rub her ear. She does things like rubs her ears and shrugs her shoulders when she’s nervous. It’s actually pretty adorable. So here it is, the obligatory 2010 Santa photo. At least the kids weren’t screaming their heads off, which has happened before! Please excuse the quality, it’s a scan.

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5 thoughts on “the Santa picture

  1. ~Jamie Kubeczka~

    I think it turned out good. I spent $18 on a picture with Santa and I couldn’t even get a smile. So we went and did some re-takes and luckily I got to take some with my camera and not have to pay!


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