snowman cupcakes

It was my birthday on Saturday and Kirsten and I made some cupcakes. I’ve been wanting to make these adorable snowman cupcakes ever since I saw them in my fabulous Martha Stewart cupcake book and thought this was a great excuse. These were so much fun to make. Kirsten helped me make the snowmen and she had such a great time. I’m pretty proud of the outcome and think they look pretty similar to Martha’s in the book, although Martha wouldn’t be caught dead using a boxed cake mix like I did. A girl’s got to cut corners sometimes. Here’s how I made them:

What you’ll need:

1 box chocolate cake mix plus ingredients to make – or make your own
1 can white frosting – or make your own
1 bag large white marshmallows
chocolate sprinkles
orange swedish gummy fish
junior mints

To make the snowmen:

This snowman wears a fine winter hat: a chocolate-covered mint beret. His plump figure is two marshmallows — cut a slice off the top one and squish to make it smaller. Dabs of icing hold parts together. His eyes are chocolate sprinkles (poke holes first with a wet toothpick), and his nose is cut from a gummy fish.


1. bake cupcakes according to box directions and let cool completely.
2. frost the cupcakes with white frosting
3. place one snowman on each iced cupcake

Recipe from Martha Stewart

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