thumbprint christmas lights

This craft was really fun. Kirsten and I made these one day while Cam was having his afternoon nap. She had a lot of fun picking out the colours and stamping her little thumb on the string of lights. This was super easy and it’s really cute, bright and colourful. Here’s how we made this:

What you’ll need:

black sharpie
paint – lots of colours


1. using your sharpie, draw a string for your lights on your paper
2. stamp your child’s thumb in different colours all along the light string and allow to dry
3. using your sharpie again, draw a squiggly for the lightbulb base

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59 thoughts on “thumbprint christmas lights

  1. - Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

    Jill, I love this idea. I’d like to use it in a round up of crafts that can be made with kids for holiday gifts. The post would be published on TLC’s Parentables.com website. May I have your permission to use a photo and link back to you?

    -Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

  2. LiEr

    Jill, I’ve just found your blog! What beautiful work you do, and what lovely, lovely photos you take of that work! I’m glad I found you – will be back to visit a lot!


    1. Jill

      Really? I haven’t heard that Pinterest is not working for anyone else. That’s not good. I have no idea why that would be happening…..

  3. Joyce Hicks

    Is there any way that you can email me a high res jpg of this thumbprint craft for publication in our state newspaper – the News and Observer in RAleigh, NC. I’d love to highlight this craft and link our viewers to your blog. A jpg would help add visual appeal. I’m on deadline and would need it ASAP. Thanks!

    Joyce Hicks – joyce4home@gmail.com
    Top Drawer column
    News and Observer
    Raleigh, NC

    1. Jill

      Thanks Michele! I actually used crayola washable kid’s paint – the small tubs. I’m sure tempera paints would work just as well as long as they aren’t too watery. I don’t usually use tempera paint, but from what I remember, they are more liquidy than the thicker crayola washable paints. Good luck!

  4. Ursula@Cutelicious

    Thanks so much for this great idea!
    I found the idea on pinterest ages ago and finally made some cards like it this year. I changed it up a bit … so I let my kids just “finerprint” the lights and connected the lights later with a colored pencil … Love the look of the cards and my kids had so much fun!

    So thanks!
    I linked to your post on my blog – if you like check out the photos of our cards. :-)



  5. Rachel B

    Such a cute idea! I’m thinking of doing a Holiday craft with my first grade class using this idea. What kind of paint did you use?? Thank you!! ♥

  6. Chandella

    I am thinking about using this idea to make placemats that my daughter’s Girl Scout troop is making to donate to meals on wheels. Do you have any other suggestions for paint that isn’t washable? Thanks!

    1. Jill Post author

      What a great idea! If you want to use paint that is not washable, I would probably use acrylic paint. Just have lots of wipes on hand and clean up their fingers immediately. You don’t want them getting paint on their clothes or other things. Have fun!


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