top 10 of 2010: crafts

I had a really hard time with this. Of all the things I’ve done on this blog, I’ve done the most crafts. This made it difficult to narrow down. I also love almost all the crafts I’ve done because they hold special memories for me of my children. So here they are, 10 of my favourite crafts from 2010 in no particular order. Click on the title for the actual post with instructions.

10. Handprint owls

I think you all know that I love all crafts that involve a sweet little child’s handprint. I probably could have filled this entire top 10 list with those kinds of crafts. But I didn’t want to do that, so I tried to pick my most favourite handprint craft of this past year, and here it is. I adore these handprint owls.

9. Art gallery initials

This craft is a great way to re-purpose your child’s artwork and it looks absolutely fabulous in their bedrooms. Plus, Kirsten just adores anything and everything with the letter K on it, so this craft was a real winner for her.

8. Ring pop rings

These rings are just the cutest things ever and Kirsten just adores them. She loves playing dress-up and these little rings are always a part of her outfits. Definitely a great craft and a great way to recycle those plastic ring pop rings.

7. Play make-up

And here’s another wonderful craft for Kirsten’s dress-up playtime. She absolutely ADORES this play make-up set. It’s actually dried nail polish inside old make-up containers, so there’s no mess. It’s pure genius!

6. Thumbprint birdies on a branch

Out of all the crafts we’ve done, I have no idea why I picked this one except for it’s extreme cuteness. Besides owls, I also love sweet little birdies and this craft is not only super easy, but it’s also super adorable. Love it!

5. Cherry blossom branch

I picked this craft because it’s absolutely GORGEOUS! I had this on display for months in my living room before changing it out to other fabulous art projects. You should definitely try this one.

4. Art gallery animals

And here is another awesome craft to re-purpose your children’s artwork. Let’s face it, we all have lots of it and don’t know how to store it all. These would look great framed in your child’s bedroom or in their playroom. They’re really cute!

3. Play food dessert tray

I made this recently for Kirsten for Christmas and it has been a hit! She absolutely adores having tea parties and serving us play food and now she has gorgeous serving trays that only cost me a couple dollars to make.

2. Bubble bath paint

I picked these bubble bath paints because they only take minutes to make and they make bath time SO.MUCH.FUN. The kids have a blast when I pull these out, and they don’t make a mess because everything washes clean. Love them.

1. Recycled crayons

I picked these because who doesn’t have a million crayon bits around. Recycle them into cool shapes and your kids can keep colouring with them instead of tossing them out. These are really easy and the kids love using their shaped crayons. I especially like the star shaped ones because they still have a point (several points actually) so it’s easier to colour with them.

So there you have it, 10 of my favourite crafts from 2010. I know I could have kept going and going because I really do love all the crafts we’ve done. If you have a chance, click on the crafts link in my labels and check out all the fun stuff we’ve done this year!

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10 thoughts on “top 10 of 2010: crafts

  1. Figgy Lane

    i would just like to say i found your blog on stumbleupon and it is amaaaazing!! i love it soooooo much! i wish i had kids so that i could use them as an excuse to do some finger painting haha love it!


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