top 10 of 2010: fun food fridays

I started fun food fridays half way through the year and it has been so much fun. My kids are eating things they wouldn’t touch before and cleaning their plates. As their mom, I can’t complain! Because I work full-time, I’m not home to make their lunches all the time. I do try to make them a special lunch on the weekend though, or even for dinner if James is working evenings. They get so excited when I make them something special and I’m being totally honest when I tell you they really only take minutes to make, with the exception of a few I took a little more time with. I honestly don’t think that these meals take any longer than making your child any meal. I’ve seen more extravagant lunches out there, but my main goal is to not only be cute and fun, but to be quick and easy too. My sweet little Kirsten will be starting junior kindergarten next Fall and I’m already planning all the cute things I can pack in her lunchbox for school. I hope you enjoy my fun food fridays as much as I do and join me in the next year for all the fun ideas I have planned. Oh, and to answer a very common question – what do you do with the food scraps? The answer is simple, I eat them. As sad as it is, the kids scraps are usually my lunch. I try not to waste anything. So without further ado, here are 10 of my favourite fun food fridays from this year:

10. a beautiful fall day

9. a rainy day lunch

8. a bear with berries

7. a caterpillar with toadstool mushrooms

6. a fish in water

5. hickory dickory dock

4. L is for lion

3. owl and tree

2. gobble, gobble, it’s a turkey

1. a stocking filled with goodies

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23 thoughts on “top 10 of 2010: fun food fridays

  1. Karli

    LOL! There’s my fave… #9 that I’ve been meaning to do for ages – ha! I have really enjoyed coming across your blog this year. Your pictures are so clean and colorful, and FUN! Can’t wait to see more in 2011! :-) Happy New Year!

  2. Mom to 9 Blessings!

    WOW! You are crazy talented and creative! These would make a wonderful table top book for sure! As a mom of 9 this would take forever to do – but for a treat these are a great ideas!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent! Thank you Karli for the link over :-)


  3. Jill

    Thanks Manetta. I do have a pinterest account but no one knows about it because I’m not on it very often. If you’re interested my name is JL Dubien. I don’t pin very often though.

  4. mamazyd

    Hi Jill, I just found your site when another blog I follow posted your turkey sandwich plate. So adorable! What an imagination – hopefully your kids eat your creations all up! I look forward to reading your blog in the future.


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