top 10 of 2010: pictures

Looking back through my pictures it wasn’t easy to pick my favourites, but obviously the ones with my gorgeous children were up there. I think my photography has definitely improved since I started this blog, but there is so much more I want to learn. I’d also like to branch out a bit and take pictures of more things than just my children and the occasional flower. If only I had more time. Between working full-time, raising my wonderful children and trying to keep my home orderly, photography has taken a backseat. I hope I can find some more time to learn and practice this year because I really do love it. So here are 10 of my favourite pictures I took this year in no particular order.

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9 thoughts on “top 10 of 2010: pictures

  1. L.

    I am loving your top tens. I so want to steal the idea, but I think I am too lazy, haha!!

    I love that family picture by the way! You guys are such an adorable family.

  2. Jennifer Runde

    All your photos are BEAUTIFUL! I’m still waiting for you to do my girls one of these days … and a family portrait might not be a bad thing either … but let’s wait until after winter for the family shot – I don’t really want a pic of all of us in our snowsuits. ;)

  3. Becky and Cameron Wyatt

    I like #7 and 8 and the one of them on the stairs – cute kiddos! All of your photos are special – way to try to learn a new hobby/skill/profession while already doing so much. I didn’t know you worked full time – makes me EXTRA thankful for your blog and all you give to it. THANK YOU:) I just stumbled on your blog about 2 months ago and it has quickly become a favorite I visit a few times a week – I look forward to my little girl growing so I can do these projects with her!

  4. Jill

    Wow, thanks for the amazing comments. I’m so flattered that you guys like my pictures. You have no idea how good that made me feel! Thank-you!


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