top 10 of 2010: recipes

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. All this week leading up to new year’s, I’m going to be doing special top 10 of 2010 posts. Today’s post will feature 10 of my favourite recipes in no particular order. I had a hard time deciding, but here’s what I chose (click on the title for a link to the recipe):

10. Pomegranate pork chops with garlicky green beans

I know I posted this one recently, but it is defintely one of the best meals I’ve made. I think I would eat it a couple times every week if I could. Delicious!

9. Personlized apple pies

These were really fun to make and tasted delicious. I think my favourite thing about these was seeing how excited Kirsten was to get her own dessert with her initial on it.

8. Raspberry marble cheesecakes

I had to include these little babies because of their insane deliciousness. They’re a little time consuming, but well worth it.

7. Sweet and salty wrapper

This is one of those things that you can throw together in just minutes and it is so delicious. Sweet and salty is one of my favourite taste combinations and this is a great lunch.

6. Puffy fishies

These were really fun to make and the kids just loved them. Ok, I loved them too. They were surprisingly delicious for a “kids” recipe.

5. S’mores cookies

These are my famous cookies. Anyone who tries them always wants the recipe and whenever I make them they seem to disappear immediately. They really are the best cookie I’ve ever had.

4. Blueberry muffins

These blueberry muffins, in my opinion, are the best muffins I’ve had. I’ve tried several blueberry muffin recipes in the past, and this particular recipe was the clear winner. I make these quite often in the summer when fresh blueberries are in season.

3. Cajun shrimp pasta in cream sauce

Yum, this is sooo good. I make a lot of different seafood pastas because I love them, but this one is definitely my favourite. You can add as much or as little cajun seasoning as you like based on your taste preferences. I usually add a lot. You’ll have to try this one.

2. Meatloaf cupcakes

Although this was originally just a gag meal for my kids for April fool’s day, it’s a winner for me because they’re not only cute, but they’re delicious too. I ate quite a few of these babies myself.

1. Taco burgers

Oh how I miss my BBQ now that it’s covered in several feet of snow. These burgers are fantastic and a nice alternative to just regular burgers all the time. I can’t wait to have them again this summer.

So there you have it, 10 of my favourite recipes from this year. I hope you’ll try a few and enjoy them as much as I do.

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5 thoughts on “top 10 of 2010: recipes

  1. Jennifer Runde

    Yummy! It all looks great, Jill. I’ve tried two of these and both were delicious. But our personal favourite around here is your slowcooker pot roast recipe – it has become a Sunday staple around here. Easy and super tasty!


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