the blog re-design

Well I’m pretty happy with the blog re-design and pretty proud that I did it myself. There are a few minor tweaks I would like to do still, but nothing major. There are some super awesome people out there who have written amazing tutorials that helped me so much in re-designing my blog. There is NO WAY I would have been able to do any of this without them. I do not speak html code. As promised, here are the tutorials I used to help me redesign my blog:

custom post title and date font – tutorial found here

signature at the end of post – tutorial found here

menu bar – tutorials found here and here

As for the header and blog button – I have photoshop and I created them in there. For the header, I used a 10×20 template and then resized it for my blog. It was initially much bigger and beautiful, but people with smaller monitors had to scroll to view it so I decreased it’s size. I don’t really know what I am doing, so a lot of it was trial and error. The blog button, which I’m still not thrilled about, was created in photoshop using clipart I had. I sized it 150×150.

That’s it I think. I hope someone else can find these tutorials useful. They really are fantastic and helped me achieve a much nicer looking blog (if I do say so myself)!

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13 thoughts on “the blog re-design

  1. Kara

    Great job Jill! Everything looks great and I love the pear in the button! Doesn’t it feel good to have done it yourself? I still get a little giddy when I look at mine, knowing I was able to create it myself.

  2. Lauren

    Thanks for sharing!! And it does look much nicer!! I have tried multiple times to do that font stuff and it never works for me. I will have to try again because you blog looks so much nicer than mine ;)

    Also, I feel like at some point you did a post about a black box your husband made for you to take pictures of you food and crafts, am I making that up. I looked a bunch of your old posts and couldn’t find it. Am I making it up??

    I just love your blog and have a slight girl-crush on you, haha!!

  3. Lauren

    Oh wait, one more question…. did you use a Blogger template or something else? I have tried different ones but nothing comes out as wide as yours is. Thanks!!

  4. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Lauren – LOL! Thanks. I do use a blogger template called minima stretch, but it’s not an option anymore since they got the new designs. And no, it wasn’t me with the black photography box. I just take pictures on a cheapy ikea table in front of a window.


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