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Well the blog re-design is done for now. I returned to work today after 2 weeks vacation and my free time is officially limited again. There’s still a few things I’d like to tweak, but I’ll get to them when I get to them. How do you guys like it? My header was much bigger at one point and I loved it, but I heard those with smaller monitors had to scroll over to view it so I made it smaller. Some time this week when I can get everything organized I’ll share the tutorials I used to make the changes. There are so many wonderful, helpful people out there who make wonderful tutorials to help us out. Anyway, on to our craft. Last week Kirsten and I made bubble paintings while Cam was napping. This was definitely not a craft for him. I was a little apprehensive about letting Kirsten blow the bubbles in the paint/soap mixture, but she reassured me she could do it, and she could. She did amazing blowing bubbles and she thought this was so much fun. You could just tell she was so proud of herself. This is not a clean craft, so do it somewhere you’re not afraid to make a mess. We did it in the playroom on her IKEA play table. We had paint splattered all over the table and all over our faces. Now that’s the sign of a fun craft! Here’s how we did it:

What you’ll need:

paint – lots of colours
dish soap
watercolour paper


1. I didn’t use measurements, but just pour some paint, a little dish soap and a small amount of water in a cup. Mix it up. If the colour is too light, add more paint. If not bubbly enough, add more soap. You get the drift.
2. Put the straw in the cup and blow until bubbles come up over the cup. Make sure your child is old enough/able to do this. If you don’t think your child can do this, or are worried about them accidently sucking instead of blowing you may want to do this step for them. Kirsten was able to do this herself, but I know there is no way Cam would have been able to.
3. Grab your watercolour paper and pop the bubbles on your paper. Repeat with whatever colours you want.
4. Allow to dry.

The paints all set up and ready to go:

Some of our paintings:

The aftermath: messy, but fun!

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45 thoughts on “bubble painting

  1. Sara

    Love it! I used to do this every year with my kindergarten class when we studied Eric Carle books. We had a “Pretty Paper Factory” and then cut them in fourths for the collage box.

  2. greenfrog1092

    What kind of paint medium did you use? It looks very bright and rich; I love it! The lead I work with has done this activity with our kids before, but I have not been there to see it in action!

  3. RedTedArt

    Oh the colours are so pretty! It looks so fun. Didn’t realise it was so easy. My son will adore it!

    Thank you for linking up t Kids Get Crafty!


  4. Christy

    I am visiting from Kids Get Crafty. I have meant to try this before, but never have. I love the way the art came out. We’ll have to try this soon.

  5. Liberty

    Love this idea, can’t wait to try it out with DD. Funny what little art projects slip your mind from childhood. Thank You for the inspiration.

    New to your blog… LOVE IT!!!

  6. Cami

    I love this idea! I love that you got your kids involved in the process. I will have to use it with my kiddos at the YMCA! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Cami @ youseriouslymadethat.blogspot.com

  7. Jill

    MG – once you’ve blown your bubbles and they are over the top and overflowing from the rim of the cup, grab your paper and press it down on the bubbles. They will pop on the paper. You’ll notice that mine are all in circles – that’s from the rim of the cup. Does that make sense?

  8. Ali

    This looks like fun. I actually did something similar to this at color me mine where you paint pottery. By the way – my son’s name is Camden too! I never heard of anyone else having that name!!

  9. Jill

    Hi Ali!

    I just love the name Camden! You don’t hear of it very often and I think that makes me like it even more. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. ThePrincessMommy

    My 3 1/2 year old daughter had a blast with this project today! After I let go of trying to get her to do it the “right” way she just took off. We used “washable project paint”. It took a while to get the right ratio, but we finally got it. I think your acrylics are probably more bold, but I’m very happy not having to worry about the watercolors staining anything. She got the hang of gently popping the bubbles onto the paper. Then she started ignoring the paper and popping the bubbles that would spill all over the sides of the cup. She began to experiment with making bigger and smaller bubbles. Soon, she was painting her hands, which led to discovering handprints, which led to full-emersion-hand-painting and a new favorite color of green. I finally had to put a stop to her joyful pursuits b/c I just can’t afford thousands of green-drenched water-color papers! haha. Now that she loves hand-prints I think next week’s project will be one of your hand or finger-print based pieces. Thanks for the great time this week!

  11. Kiyomi

    I found your page via pinterest and my kids had a blast today! I think I may post about it on my blog and link back to yours if that is okay :)

  12. Elisha

    I don’t understand what u mean when u said “pop the bubbles on ur paper” like blow what’s left in the straw? I’m so sorry if this is a stupid question.

    1. Jill Post author

      When the bubbles come up over the edge of the cup, place the paper on top of the bubbles so that the bubbles pop and leave the coloured imprint on the paper.


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