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As soon as I saw these gorgeous wax paper and crayon hearts on Martha’s website, I wanted to make them right away. They really are beautiful. Kirsten and I made these a couple weekends ago while Camden was napping. It was a little messy and it definitely needs adult supervision because of the iron. I have these hanging in my window and when the sun shines through them, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Love the colours. Here’s how you make them:

What you’ll need:

several crayons – I used shades of pink, red and light purple
pencil sharpener
wax paper
iron and ironing board


1. peel the wrappers off your crayons – the easiest way to do this is take a knife and run it down the length of the crayon – the wrapper will peel right off
2. run your crayons through the pencil sharpener to get your shavings
3. turn your iron on medium-low
4. cover your ironing board with several sheets of newspaper – don’t forget this step or you’ll end up with a big mess!
5. grab a large sheet of wax paper and fold it in half
6. reopen your wax paper sheet and sprinkle crayon shavings on one half – fold back over when you’re done
7. lay this on your ironing board and place several sheets of newspaper on top (you’re going to have newspaper both on top and beneath the wax paper/crayon sheet)
8. run your iron over the wax paper/crayon sheet until all the crayon has melted
9. once all the crayon has melted, remove your wax paper/crayon sheet and allow to dry – a couple minutes will do
10. repeat steps 4-9 until all your crayon shavings are used up
11. using your scissors, cut hearts out of your wax paper/crayon sheet
12. poke a hole in the top of your heart, run a piece of yarn or string through it and hang them in your windows – I hung mine from my curtain rod.

Idea from Martha Stewart

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27 thoughts on “crayon hearts

  1. Tanya

    I used to do an autumn leaf craft like this with my grandmother decades ago! It was always a favourite. I’ll definitely be raiding the boys worn down crayons to make some hearts for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Phyllis

    Those are sweet.
    I love the monkey cupcakes you have on your header, but I have looked through all of your recipes and your fun food fridays posts and can’t find them. Can you direct me to the recipe/directions on how to make them?

  3. Christy

    So pretty! We have made butterflies and Christmas trees using this method. It’s messy, but the end result is so pretty. I use my box grater to speed up the process with the crayons.

  4. Liberty

    So pretty in your window. We do these each year and hang them above our table. That is on our list for this week :) It is fun to make Shamrocks too for St. Patricks Day, which I always have a hard time decorating for, lol!

  5. Olya

    This is gorgeous! I Love DIY home ideas, being a mom is making things like that with kids its fun, I wish I had more time for that :) Love your blog:) Very inspiring :)
    Olya xx


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