fun food friday: sweet birdies in a tree

I love this one. How could I not love something with sweet little birdies? The kids loved it too, although neither of them ate many of the pea pods which was surprising to me because they both love peas. Anyway this was really easy and really fun. The kids are really starting to enjoy dipping their foods in sauces, so I gave them a little cup of ranch dressing to dip the veggies and it was a hit. Kirsten loves dipping everything in ketchup and Camden just loves seafood sauce which is so funny to me. Anyway, here’s how I made this lunch:

Tree – large pretzel stick with 2 small pretzel sticks as branches. Pea pods at the top for leaves.

Birdies – the 2 small birdies in the tree are cut out of cheese with fruit leather feet and I used a food safe marker for the eyes. The larger birdie on the ground is also cut out of cheese with candy eyes and fruit leather feet, nose and head feathers.

I have an awesome bento cutter set that I used to cut out the cheese birdies and fruit leather parts found here

Sliced celery on the ground with a mini silicone muffin cup holding ranch dressing for dipping.

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20 thoughts on “fun food friday: sweet birdies in a tree

  1. Red Hen (dette)

    I found the link to your blog on pintrest. I got all nostalgic looking at the fun food pictures. I used to do this for my kids when they were little (they are 17 and a half and 19 now!


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