new pics of the kiddos

Since I already put some in my new header, I figured I better post these pictures. There’s actually a few new ones in the header I haven’t posted yet. I’ll get to them eventually. Speaking of the new header, do you like it? Too busy? I think I love it, but it’s really big. It looks great on my monitor because my monitor is huge but I’m not sure how this is all formatting on a smaller monitor. I’m almost done with the changes, just a couple more things – maybe. I’m becoming friends with html code.

Anyway, on to the pics. I took these pictures on Camden’s 2nd birthday. He unfortunately woke up with a terrible cold that day and was pretty miserable. It was nearly impossible to get any pictures of him. I found a REALLY old lollipop in the junk drawer and that enabled me to get about 5 pictures of him before he had another melt down. Poor guy. I also took pictures of Kirsten because I needed new ones of her too and I didn’t take any when she turned 3. I got several great ones of her, she just loves to pose. These were taken with my new seamless I got for my birthday – savage baby blue and savage orchid. I love them!

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13 thoughts on “new pics of the kiddos

  1. Karli

    I LOVE the new header! I have a big screen too…so it looks fantastic on mine! :-) Super happy and cheeful, just like the rest of your blog. Two thumbs up here! :-)

  2. Kelly Polizzi

    I love love love your new header! what a great job you did. And the pics are just beautiful, as always. I have to say, i love looking at your photos of your kids. You always take such beautiful pics. You wouldn’t even know your son was anything but happy in those pics!

  3. Becky and Cameron Wyatt

    Very nice job on the header and I love the post title font. I have a 22 inch monitor so it looked great to me but I totally understand needing to make it smaller…makes me want to get back into my business blog…amazing how much html code you forget when you don’t keep up with that skill.

  4. jessica.cagle311

    I just came across your blog and I love it! When I read this post, I smiled when I read your kids names. My twin sister had a baby boy, Camden, 3 years ago and a baby girl Kiersten 2 years ago ;)


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