snow ice cream

I’d been wanting to make this for awhile, but because of the unseasonably warm temperatures and melting snow we had over Christmas, I had to wait. Sure enough we had quite a few big snowfalls last week and we were good to go in the snow department. You want to do this right after a nice big snowfall so you have lots of fresh, white, fluffy snow to choose from. Don’t use the dirty yellow stuff! Cam absolutely loved this and cried for more when he was done his bowl. I even tried it, and although not the same consistency as ice cream, it does taste just like vanilla ice cream. I was actually surprised with how tasty it was. If you live somewhere with lots of snow, you should definitely try this with the kiddos. Here’s how you make it:

What you’ll need:

Uh oh, there’s a little hand in there trying to steal the milk!

1 large bowl of fresh, white snow – no dirty stuff here!
1/2 cup white sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup milk (plus more if necessary)
sprinkles – optional

In a large bowl filled with fresh snow, mix in the sugar and vanilla. Add a cup of milk and stir completely. Add more milk as necessary to get to your desired consistency. Divide into bowls and eat immediately. Sprinkles are optional, but necessary with my kids!

Cam LOVED this – just look at his little face!

and my darling little Kirsten always loves a treat!

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29 thoughts on “snow ice cream

  1. Maeve's Momma

    We love snow ice cream! My dad always made us wait till after the first snow of the year – he said the first one kind of “washes” the pollution out of the air, so it isn’t very tasty, but after that, it’s all good!

  2. Jill

    Thanks ladies! The kids really loved this.

    Lila – if you notice that my daughter’s mouth is open almost all the time she’s smiling, it’s because she’s really laughing. I’m always acting silly behind the camera and she must think I’m a fool! She can’t help but to look and laugh.

  3. RedTedArt

    Oh look at their little faces!! How cute are your children!! I LOVE the snow icecream! What fun.

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Lovely to see you there!


  4. Elizabeth @ Ucreate with Kids

    Jill, I LOVE this and all your fabulous kid’s craft ideas! Found you via Red Ted Art. If you’d be interested in being a creative guest on UCreate with Kids, shoot me an email, because we’d love to have you! Thanks! :)


  5. Bea

    Wow, I am not form the US and I asked my husband the other day: “how come we don’t pick up some snow and put some flavor on it, or lime and salt like we do in Guatemala to shave ice and eat it, wouldn’t that be tasty?” he thought it was a good idea but then we forgot. Now I will try it for sure, to bad I read this after we had smashed and played in the fresh snow from last night! Next one, thank you!!! your post are always so cool!! I love what you do with the veggies also, I need to feed my kiddos some more of those in the creative ways you do yours~

  6. kewkew

    I hopped on over here from Little Learners Lounge (she linked to your post here) This looks yummy. I would have to wait now til we get some fresh snow as I know the dog from down the street was running through yesterday (speaking of making sure not to use the yellow snow) I think the girls would enjoy this, thanks for sharing.

  7. Carrie

    Can’t wait to do this tonight with my older daughter! we just got 7″ last night :) she is going to LOVE THIS!! Where are your cute little bowls from? I love them!


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