there’s some serious colouring going on here

Well I’ve been lucky enough to catch the stomach flu this weekend. For anyone keeping track that is 3 times in the last 10 months. I must have done something pretty bad to deserve this type of punishment. I’ve been trying really hard to keep the kids amused and at the same time not spread my germs to them. Enter crayons. My kids will colour for hours. They love it. I took this crayon picture a few weeks ago and thought today’s post (or lack of) would be perfect for it. Sorry for the lame post, there’s just not much crafting going on around here right now. I hope to be back to regular posting tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

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10 thoughts on “there’s some serious colouring going on here

  1. Christy

    I hope you feel better. I thought it was just us. My daughter and husband had the stomach bug before Christmas, then got it again a few weeks later, and now my son has it. I’m really hoping that I can avoid it.


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