winter tree silhouette

I saw this winter tree silhouette on the Frugal Family Fun Blog and wanted to make it with the kids right away. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Of course, when we went to make it I couldn’t find any watercolor paper, so I just used regular paper with regular paints. I think the watercolors would have been a better choice because their colours are more subtle. It was still a really fun winter craft though and the kids really liked it. Here’s how you make it:

What you need:

tape – masking or painter’s tape
paper – preferably watercolor paper
paint – preferably watercolors – I gave them what I thought were ‘wintery’ colours
paint brush


1. create a tree silhouette on your paper using your tape. I used painter’s tape and it worked well. You’ll have to tear off smaller pieces for some of the branches. Press down really well so paint doesn’t go under the edges. Here’s what mine looked like after this step:

2. let your kids paint the whole picture – even over top of the tape
3. once dry, remove the tape to reveal the tree silhouette. Removing the tape at an angle works the best.

Idea from Frugal Family Fun

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14 thoughts on “winter tree silhouette

  1. RedTedArt

    Great minds think alike: we also saw this on Valerie’s blog and had a go last week! Yours is beautiful!! Even before the painting!!! LOVELY!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Much appreciated (as always!!)



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