fun food friday: another lovely lunch

This is the last Friday before Valentine’s day, so I had to throw in another lovely lunch. I think I like this one the best. I’m lucky enough to have 2 kids who love soup. Even different kinds like cream of tomato. I know not all kids will eat that, so if you’re making this, feel free to substitute for any soup your child will eat. The kids adored this lunch and cleaned their plates. Here’s how I made it:

Heart-shaped bowl filled with cream of tomato soup. Little heart-shaped pieces of cheese in the soup (although it’s impossible to tell they’re heart-shaped!). I just love cheese in my tomato soup.

Silicone muffin liner with cherry jello – I made these the night before so they were set for the next day.

Apple slices. Take one green apple slice and one red apple slice. Using a small heart cookie cutter, cut a heart out of the centre of each apple slice. Switch the hearts to the opposite apple piece for a really fun look!

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18 thoughts on “fun food friday: another lovely lunch

  1. Becky and Cameron Wyatt

    While shopping at TARGET the other day I came across heart cookie cutters and the silicone muffin liners and I thought THATS WHAT JILL USES!! I MUST HAVE THESE! Even though my child is only 10 months:) Anyway, I was also looking through an old parenting magazine and saw these cookies that reminded me of you (especially the reindeer and gingerbread house). http://www.parents.com/recipes/holidays/christmas/12-kid-friendly-christmas-cookies/

  2. Jill

    Thanks again ladies!

    Laura – lol! Sure, come on over!

    Becky – LOVE the link you sent me – I’ve bookmarked it for next Christmas! You won’t be sorry you bought the cookie cutters and muffin liners. I even like using them to make treats for me, lol!


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