fun food friday: initials and other stuff

I made these ones a long time ago and I’m just getting around to posting them now. I tend to do that. I always post ones I really like first and then the ones I don’t love, I get to them eventually. The kids (Kirsten especially) love everything with their initials on them. Kirsten is obsessed with the letter K. These were really simple to put together and the kids loved them. Here’s how I made these lunches:

Peanut butter toast sandwich cut into initial. Cup of yogurt with chocolate chip initials. Cheerios and tiny hippos cut out of peaches for garnish.

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9 thoughts on “fun food friday: initials and other stuff

  1. RedTedArt

    Very cute! Breakfast sure is fun at your house!!! Wonder if mine would eat more if I had a go… maybe once a week?

    Thanks for stopping by at Kids Get Crafty!



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