fun food friday: swimming fishies

Kirsten has been asking us for a pet. Her best friend at daycare has a fish, so Kirsten thinks she would like one too. I’m not so sure. Cleaning fish bowls is just not something I want to add to my daily activities right now. I decided to make her a lunch with “fish” instead. The kids really loved it and ate up every bite. Here’s how I made it:

Fish – chicken sandwiches cut with a fish cookie cutter – cheese stripes and icing eyes.

Celery grass in the water, bluberry bubbles and red raspberry rocks.

Adorable and easy!

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23 thoughts on “fun food friday: swimming fishies

  1. Jill Samter Photography

    That’s it – you must come and make lunches for our children! LOL!

    You must make a book Jill with all of your lunches and little treats. They are beyond precious and mom’s across America will have fun trying to recreate them!

    Hugs and thanks for always making me smile! :-)

  2. Jennifer Runde

    Very cute, Jill – and much cleaner than a real fish. One question though … do you ever let the kids eat the candy eyes you put on all the fun foods? You seem to have an endless supply. ;)

  3. dawn

    I love seeing your fun food on Friday’s! So many clever ideas you have. Congratulations on being a guest at U-Create, I just checked it out and love the bowling idea. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  4. Jill

    Thank-you ladies! I really liked this one too.

    Lila – do you have a bulk barn near you? That’s where I got this fish cutter and a lot of my other cutters too.

    Jen – yes I let them eat the eyes. I actually have a lot of them. I went to the dollar store last week and found the same cookie cutter sets with the icing eyes that I bought last year. I picked myself up 4 more packages. I have lots of eyes now!


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