love blossom tree

Here’s another easy Valentine’s craft. I can’t help myself but to do handprint/footprint/thumbprint crafts all the time. I just can’t get enough. I painted their forearm and hand brown to be the tree, and then used their thumbs to make heart blossoms. I’ve done similar trees to these in the past, a spring blossom tree and fall tree . Really cute and easy. Here’s the instructions:

What you’ll need:

brown paint
red paint
pink paint (optional, if you want more colours than just red)
paint brush


1. paint your child’s forearm and hand brown and stamp on the paper
2. using red paint (or pink too) stamp their thumbs in the paint and create heart shapes all over the tree branches

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32 thoughts on “love blossom tree

  1. kitten

    How cute! how do you keep these things? I want to know for when my little one is old enough to make them. Do you put it in a binder? box? Thanks! xoxo

  2. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies!

    Kitten – I actually keep all my kids art projects in banker’s boxes in their closets (except the ones that are currently on display in my house). I’m going to need a new system though because I’ve already filled 4 boxes and they’re only 2 and 3. They haven’t even started school yet!

  3. JillWeinberger

    Found your super cute project in Pinterest recently and am doing it now with my 2.5 YO for her grandparent Valentine’s gifts. For antsy toddlers whose thumbs can’t quite grasp the “heart” leaves concept, we adjusted it using potato stamps cut into hearts. Works like a charm! Thanks for sharing such a fun project!!

  4. Angie

    Thank you Jill!! I added some things to this great idea, I am going to do this with my son’s 4th grade class. I am going to add a poem at the bottom and use the stub of celery stalks and paint the ends, peach, yellow and red to make a rose. Along with the thumb hearts!! I think it is going to be great!! Thanks again!!!!!

  5. Cheri ONeill

    LOVE this and am doing it for my daycare kids today to give to their parents as a gift for Valentines Day. I printed out on Card-stock a simple black frame and wrote on the top “Happy Valentines Day” and on the bottom wrote “I love You” and the child’s name and year {they are to young to write yet} I am super excited to get started. Oh how I love pintrist! Thanks for this great idea…..keep them coming…and keep pinning……..Looking for a fun mom’s and dad’s day idea now!


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