old tights = new snake

I had a pair of adorable tights that no longer fit Kirsten and I just couldn’t part with them. I decided to turn them into a stuffed snake for her. Now my sewing skills are so bad it’s almost embarrassing, so if I can make this, anyone can. She loves her little snake – or ‘worman’ as she calls it – and has been taking it to bed with her every night. Here’s how I made it:

What you’ll need:

an old pair of tights
2 buttons
needle and thread

Here’s how you make it:

Find an old, cute pair of tights:

Using your scissors, cut one of the legs off. Find 2 buttons (mine don’t even match!) and sew them on the snake.

Cut a tongue out of your piece of felt and sew onto the snake. I pinched the end of the tights and sewed the tongue into the pinched part.

Here’s what the tongue looks like – see how it’s in the ‘pinched’ part:

Stuff your snake and tie the end shut. If you have sewing skills that are better than mine, you could even sew the end shut and make it look a little more professional. I don’t care and neither does Kirsten, so I tied the end which was quick and easy.

Isn’t she cute??

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17 thoughts on “old tights = new snake

  1. Shereen

    These are so cute! Kids at my daughter’s school made these for the Christmas Craft Fair and called them snocks. All the kids wanted one – they loved them!


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