window marker masterpieces

Last time we were in Walmart, Kirsten saw these crayola window markers on the shelf and really wanted them. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get my kids in the habit of colouring on my windows, which with Camden could potentially lead to my walls, curtains, etc. Then I read on the box that you could use these on any glass surface and I knew I had some picture frames from the dollar store that would be perfect for this. The kids LOVE these markers. I give them each a frame, they colour a picture, they wipe it off, and color again. So easy and fun. These markers are really cool too. They dry on the glass surface and don’t rub off on their hands. We use a baby wipe (or you could use a damp cloth) to wipe them and the markers comes right off. Here’s a few pictures I took last weekend of Kirsten’s drawings – Cam was napping. She’s so funny.

What you’ll need – window markers and a great picture frame from the dollar store:

Have your little one colour a fabulous picture:

Use a baby wipe to wipe it off. Then use a dry cloth to dry it.

Draw more pictures! These are Kirsten’s masterpieces. She tells me they are happy suns. If these suns are happy, I’d hate to see her unhappy ones! She’s obsessed with drawing these lately – as you can see.

And finally – egg man with a ball! Ah, 3 year-olds.

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23 thoughts on “window marker masterpieces

  1. Tanya

    I’ve looked at these markers a couple times now, but hesitated for the same reason…not sure I want to encourage markers on the windows. There’s already enough crayon and pencil on the walls. But frames! You’re a genius!

  2. Kelly Polizzi

    ooh I have these and I have been wondering how I could get Willow to use them without encouraging her to draw on the wrong surfaces. Thanks so uch for the idea! I know where I’m going tomorrow!

    You do so much with your kids, you put me to shame! They must adore you!

  3. Linnea

    Great idea to use the frames!
    We have those markers. My 5 year old son uses them on the big wall mirror in his room. He and his friends play school and pretend it’s his Smart Board. :-)

  4. Christy

    We have these and the window crayons; they are great! My kids used them to decorate inexpensive glass vases for Grandma last year. They also like to draw on our sliding glass door. I prefer the crayons over the markers, but the kids are happy with either one.

  5. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree

    WOW! What A GREAT IDEA! Thanks for the inspiration. Wonderful drawings!
    My daughter is 4 and I cherish all of her people drawings. It is so amazing how all children do these “head people” as I would call them. I’ve been wanting to show off her drawings and you’ve inspired me!

  6. Rachel Harwood

    You have so many great ideas! I’d love to share some with my followers. I’m a new follower, and hope to have you as one too!

    :) rachel from SunScholars.blogspot.com


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