jello oranges and other April Fool’s stuff

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day and I can’t resist playing just a little trick on the kiddos. I have a really cute fun food friday to share for April Fool’s, so you’ll have to check it out tomorrow. Today I’m going to share a couple other treats you can make to trick the little ones. A friendly little trick never hurt anyone, right? I made the kids these jello oranges last week and they absolutely adored them. Kirsten was hilarious when I gave her the plate as she looked at them with a puzzled little face. She told me the oranges look “giggly.” She always says giggly instead of jiggly and it cracks me up. These were really fun and simple to make and would make a great little April Fool’s snack for the kids. Here’s how to make them:

What you’ll need:

2 oranges
orange jello


1. slice your oranges in half lengthwise.
2. scoop out all the orange inside the peel leaving just the empty orange shell. I used the orange to make some fresh squeezed OJ!
3. prepare orange jello according to package directions
4. place the orange halves on something sturdy – I used a muffin pan so it would hold the orange halves upright.
5. pour the orange jello into the orange halves, filling to the top.
6. refrigerate until set.
7. remove from the fridge and slice the oranges in segments.
8. give to the kiddos and be prepared for some puzzled little faces!

As you can see, the kids ate them right up!

The next two things I made for the kiddos last year for April Fool’s Day supper. The kids didn’t love the meatloaf cupcakes, but I thought they tasted terrific.

We also had an egg sunny-side up for dessert – this was made using vanilla yogurt and half a peach.

Get the recipes for the meatloaf cupcakes and the fried egg dessert here

Have fun tricking the little ones!

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11 thoughts on “jello oranges and other April Fool’s stuff

  1. Cecily Healy

    great ideas! i’ve been trying to think of something that isn’t mean.. like telling them it’s a snow day & they get all excited, then look at the window to see no snow & realize they still have to go to school! my mom did that to me when i was little.. so looking forward to your post tmrw too! :)

  2. Fin Ryder

    What wonderful ideas! I love this post :) I’m a fairly new follower.

    If I can get it together for tomorrow I will be trying these out! :D ..if not, I will have a belated April Fools day :) hehe

  3. Michelle

    Lol…I enjoyed these. Another one that’s fun is to partially fill a glass of OJ then freeze it, then pour just a little more on top so you can’t see the frozen part. They’ll get a sip, then they’ll have to spoon out the rest. :)


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