rainbow xylophone

Oh my goodness, this was so easy and so fun. It was free too because I had everything on hand. That’s always a bonus. Since St. Patty’s day is right around the corner, we’ve been doing a lot of rainbow activities. I thought the kids would love this, and they did. They were really amazed at all the music they could make and how each glass made a different sound. As long as you have food colouring, you’ll probably have everything you need to make your very own rainbow water xylophone. Here’s how to make it:

What you’ll need:

6 glasses
food colouring – at least red, yellow, green and blue
xylophone mallet – I used a plastic honey dipper stick for tea and it was great


1. line up 6 glasses in a row and fill with water, adding a little more to each glass as you go along
2. using your food colouring, colour the water like a rainbow. You may have to mix colours (red and yellow = orange and blue and red = purple). Kirsten thought this was pretty cool.
3. give your kids a mallet and let them discover the sounds and make beautiful music.

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34 thoughts on “rainbow xylophone

  1. Angee

    What a cute idea. I’ll have to remember it in a few years. If I tried to do it now with my little one I’d have a rainbow puddle on my floor.

  2. GretchenP

    seriously.. your pics are ah. maze. ing!
    i love the one of your daughter through the glasses.. totally made me smile (and that’s a tough one at 6 am) :)

  3. RaeSchuft

    This was perfect timing! I’ve been following your site for only a short time but love it! My daughter got up so early today and we needed something to do but I didn’t have the energy for anything involved or complicated… This was perfect! Thank you for sharing!
    Oh, and gorgeous photos!

  4. Elise

    I’ve seen your blog mentioned a few times in the blogosphere and wanted to stop by for a visit. Not only have I visited, I have been lingering for a while and I am your newest follower. Your blog is so inspiring and creative.

    I will be adding your rainbow xylophone to our St Patricks Day fun (and of course linking back here). Such a simple and enjoyable activity.

  5. RedTedArt

    This just made me say “aaaah” How lovely and sweet! The rainbow just makes it all the more cuter!!

    (thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty)

  6. GianneCurry

    My goodness I love this…and I just spent about an hour on your blog and love that too! I am young newest follower and I will have links to your site soon! For sure when our playgroup does the letter X!

    Gianne at

  7. Rachelle

    this is so cool! I want to do it right now, but I have 4 extra kids here today. Better wait till tomorrow. Now to go find something for the mallet. BTW that pic of Kirsten’s eye through the glass is awesome! You need to submit that one for a contest.

  8. dawn

    this is beautiful, I love the colors and the sun shining in. how fun and creative. too bad i just cleaned my kitchen and got rid of all our glasses since we never use them,lol…..


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