They’re always after me lucky charms!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I don’t normally buy sugary cereals, but really wanted a box of these lucky charms for St. Patrick’s Day. I laid them out on the table and Kirsten adored them (I knew she would). Camden tasted them and spit them out (good boy!). He’s only laughing in the pictures because he was throwing them across the room (bad boy!). Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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13 thoughts on “They’re always after me lucky charms!

  1. Ash

    I love the name Camden. Happy St. Patties! I use to dislike lucky charms I don’t like the after taste to the marshmellows yuck. But I can sure eat ‘em plain! haha. Anyways, have a good one! Nice pictures btw.

  2. Jennifer Runde

    We had a St. Patty’s extravaganza here today – we did an art craft, made your rainbow cupcakes, then used your cat in the hat idea to make St. Patrick’s day hats. I’ll send you some pics later. Keep the ideas coming – I don’t have to be quite so creative when you’re doing it for me ;) xo


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