balloon print very hungry caterpillar

My kids love The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It’s probably one of their favourite books of all time. I even did a very hungry caterpillar birthday party for Cam’s first birthday. You can see his party here . When I saw these balloon print caterpillars on Moments of Mommyhood, I knew I wanted to make them with the kids. Sandy has so many amazing crafts on her blog, you really should go check it out! We had lots of fun stamping balloons. The one pictured is the best one (thanks to some help from me!). Lots of them had extra heads and body parts thanks to Cam! We won’t show you those ones. They’re a little scary! This was really fun and easy. Plus, I thought that caterpillars would make a great spring time craft. I think next time we do it, I’ll use different colours. I didn’t love the blue and green paint together. I think they would look awesome if you could mix 2 different shades of green together for the body. Here’s how you make them:

What you’ll need:

red paint
green paint (use 2 different shades of green, or use blue like me)
blue paint (optional)
2 balloons
paper plates
sharpies or paint for the details


1. blow up your balloons just a little bit so the bottom is a small circle. Tie them.
2. pour some red paint on one paper plate.
3. on your other paper plate pour 2 shades of green or green and blue paint – pour them right on top of each other. Don’t mix them up. This will give you a cool tie-dyed effect when you stamp them.
4. dip the end of one of your balloons in the red paint and stamp it on the paper for your caterpillar’s head.
5. dip your other balloon in the green paint and stamp it on the paper in a caterpillar body shape.
6. when dry, either paint or draw on the details – antennae, eyes, nose, legs

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23 thoughts on “balloon print very hungry caterpillar

  1. Sheri

    Awesome! I am doing a Very Hungry Caterpillar for my third son’s first birthday in May. This is perfect! I will have to check out your birthday post.

  2. Baby Balloons

    This is for the air to expand into as you begin your twisting. Then let a little air out before you tie the end of the balloon. This should ensure that the balloon doesn’t burst as you are shaping it.Balloons Thanks a lot.

  3. Lou Meno

    This looks like fun. My 4-5 year old students will love this activity. We will be studying about the ” Butterfly Cycle” and and making projects on caterpillars and butterfly. Have any more cute project or suggestions.
    Thank You,
    Lou Meno


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