fun food friday: happy April Fool’s Day!

Coming up with a fun lunch for April Fool’s Day was not easy. Most of the ideas out there are actually treats made to look like real food, not real food made to look like treats. Now we all know my kids eat their fair share of treats, but I needed to make a lunch for them. We already did meatloaf cupcakes last year. Plus, I didn’t want to do anything too tricky, I’m not that mean and the kiddos are only 2 and 3! Then the idea came to me to serve them colored pasta. Only I didn’t want to use that much food coloring. Enter beet juice. I used it to color the mashed potato frosting for the meatloaf cupcakes last year. Why couldn’t I use it to color the pasta? I did and I think it’s awesome. It turned the pasta a wonderful shade of pink and it didn’t taste like beets at all! The kids were a little puzzled when they saw it, but they also thought it was funny. Camden even ate his whole plate, which NEVER happens. I also served them a cup of “juice.” My kids never get juice so they thought that was a real treat. When they went to take a sip out of the straw, nothing came out though. I got those cute little puzzled faces again. Wait a minute, that’s not juice, it’s jello! That was really fun.

Now I have to work today, so my kids got their April Fool’s joke a little early, but they don’t know, right?

Here’s how I made the lunch:

Add about a 1/4 cup of beet juice to your pot of water when boiling your pasta. I didn’t want to use too much because I didn’t want the pasta to taste like beets, yuck! I used the bow tie pasta because the kids love it. Boil according to box directions. The pasta will turn pink as it cooks in the pink water. When done, drain.

Toss pasta with a little butter and shredded cheese – I used a 4-cheese blend.

Cook some mixed veggies.

Place pasta on plate. Throw in some mixed veggies and use some to make a face. Add some more shredded cheese and add some extra for some hair.

Make some jello in some drinking cups and allow to set. When set, put a straw in the jello so it looks like a glass of juice.

Easy, fun, a little tricky, and healthy!

Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day everyone!

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16 thoughts on “fun food friday: happy April Fool’s Day!

  1. Stacy of KSW

    Adorable Jill!! Now tell me where I get the beet juice? I saw a blog yesterday where a lady used beet juice to color her daughters icing on her birthday cupcakes so I’ve had beet juice on the brain since last night. The cupcakes were just as lovely as your pasta, and she mentioned they didnt taste like beets either

  2. Elle Belles Bows

    Super great idea! I have used it for Easter Eggs but never thought about pasta! I think E would love that pasta! Thanks so much for sharing! I also love your “juice”. Very clever!!


  3. Karli

    Just when I think it can’t get any cuter!!! I LOVE the pink pasta – how cool! I’ll bet TT would loooove that. And Drew would secretly love it to, although he’d never admit it – LOL! I totally have to remember the jello (juice) trick. My boys have been trying to trick me all day. I must get them back! :-) Happy Weekend! XO


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