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This post is inspired by my dear blogging friend Lila over at Sweet and Lovely Crafts . If you haven’t checked out her site, you simply must. She has so many fabulous ideas and wonderful crafts. A few months back she made a tea party table out of an old IKEA lack side table she had lying around. I have quite a few of these tables around my house too and I knew Kirsten would absolutely adore a tea party table. Kirsten’s bedroom is all done up in the Pottery Barn Brooke collection which is a lovely mix of owls and trees. I had some fabric leftover from some projects in her room and I wanted to use the leftover fabric to make her tea party table. It would serve as a permanent table cloth on the table. It turned out so fabulous and she absolutely loves it. The table is the perfect size and height for preschoolers and I just love that it matches her bedroom. It was so easy to make too, which is always a bonus. The kids have had many tea parties so far and I see so many more in the future. If you’ve got any IKEA lack side tables hanging around and a little girl who loves tea parties, you should totally make one. Or, go to IKEA to buy one, I’m pretty sure they’re super cheap. Here’s how I made mine:

What you’ll need:

IKEA lack side table – mine is black/brown
fabric of your choice
staple gun
tea party stuff!

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How to make:

1. clean your table

2. unscrew the legs from the table top

3. lay your piece of fabric design side down and lay your table top side down on the fabric

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4. fold the fabric like you would a present and staple all the edges. Make sure you are pulling tight so there are no wrinkles on the other side

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5. after you’ve stapled down all the edges, trim off the excess fabric with your scissors

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6. use your hammer to hammer down any staples that might not have gone all the way in. This will ensure all staples are flat to the table.

7. use your finger to find where the holes are on your paper and screw the legs back on. The screws will go right through the fabric no problem.

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8. turn your table over and you’re all set. Set up your table with little stools and tea party supplies and let the kiddos have fun!

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Cam did eventually get bored of the tea party and invited his “guests”

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27 thoughts on “tea party table

  1. Christy

    That is just ADORABLE!!! I’m a little worried about Buzz – do you remember what happened in the first Toy Story movie when he ended up at a tea party?

  2. The Twin Spin

    Why, oh WHY did I not do this with my IKEA table when the veneer was peeling off? I believe I threw it out! Good thing they’re super cheap, because this is adorable. Thanks to Nichole from In These Small Moments for sending me over here!

  3. Jill

    Thank-you so much everyone! And lol at Mrs. Nesbitt. I’ve only seen Toy Story about a million times and I cannot believe I didn’t make the connection myself! Too funny.

  4. Michelle

    super cute Jill! I have this exact same table, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it, it’s just sitting in our garage collecting dust! This is going to be my weekend project ;)

  5. Jill

    Thanks again ladies!

    Abby – it’s the same tea party set I used in my fun food friday post above. The link at Amazon is below the post.

  6. Caz

    I love the fabric you used, it’s adorable! We did this with our LACK table last year after the top of it started to peel, but put a layer of transparent PVC over the top of the fabric (sold as clear table protectors in craft stores) to make it a bit easier to clean.

  7. Jill

    Thanks again ladies!

    EmJayBee – the fabric is from the pottery barn kids brooke line. I purchased extra fabric for it on Ebay.


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