handprint sunflower

I’ve been wanting to do this craft for awhile, but for some reason it always got pushed to the back of the list. And yes, I have a list of crafts I want to do with the kiddos. With the amount of crafts we do, it’s the only way I can stay organized. Kirsten thought this was really fun and it turned out really pretty. I currently have it on display in my living room and I think it will probably stay there all summer long. Here’s how you can make one yourself:

What you’ll need:

yellow paint
green paint
green craft foam
black beads
canvas or paper


1. paint your child’s palm yellow and have them stamp it 4 times in a circle at the top of your canvas
2. paint a green stem
3. cut 2 leaves out of your green craft foam and glue them to the stem
4. when the yellow paint is dry, put some glue in the middle of the sunflower in a circular shape and sprinkle with black beads
5. allow to dry and display your beautiful masterpiece

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13 thoughts on “handprint sunflower

  1. Flannery @ Three Sisterz

    alright, so here’s the million dollar question. how do you organize your kids art work? what do you keep? what do you throw out? and how do you keep what you keep oranized? how ’bout a blog post on that for us mommas! :)

  2. Miranda

    I love this idea!! And I’m with Flannery–how DO you organize the kids crafts? It would make a great post for us organize-challenged folks. ;)

  3. Tanya

    That’s really sweet! The beads are a good idea. We did a different sunflower craft, and used seeds. My youngest picked them off and ate them, dried glue and all. Thank goodness for non toxic!

  4. Jill

    Thank-you ladies!

    Flannery and Miranda – I’m not sure my method of storing artwork is the best, so it’s not really a blog-worthy post. This is what I do: I keep EVERYTHING. I display some of my favourite pieces at home and at work. Otherwise, I’ve got cardboard banker’s boxes filled with artwork in my kids closets. I say this isn’t the best way because I’ve already filled 4 banker’s boxes and my kids haven’t even started school yet. I obviously need to re-evaulate my method. I’ve heard some people take a picture of everything they make, but then only keep their favourites and toss the rest. Seeing as I take pictures of everything, this might be something I should start doing. I just hate throwing any of my kids masterpieces out. They all hold special memories!


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