seashell snails

Kirsten and I made these adorable little seashell snails, or as she likes to call them – Mr. Twisters. She calls pipe cleaners twisters, so I guess that’s where the name came from? While we were walking through our dollar store a couple months ago she found bags of various seashells and wanted them really badly. I was pretty sure that I could come up with at least a few crafts to make with them so I happily obliged. Stay tuned for more seashell crafts to come. They’re just too easy and cute. Here’s how we made these adorable little snails:

What you’ll need:

pom poms
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
smooth stone
glue – I used our hot glue gun


1. glue the bottom of your seashell to your smooth bottomed stone. This will give it something to stabilize it.
2. glue a small pom pom on the stone coming in close contact with the shell
3. cut a piece of pipe cleaner to the desired length, bend it in a ‘U’ shape, put some glue on it and slip it between the shell and pom pom. Allow to dry.
4. glue some googly eyes to each antennae

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12 thoughts on “seashell snails

  1. Amanda

    OMG these are the cutest! This totally reminds me of Gary on Spongebob! :)

    I run Fun Family Crafts, a site similar in nature to Craftgawker and Spotlight, but different in that it’s a library of craft tutorials geared only at kids. I would love it if you’d stop by and submit this to be featured! (I link to you, I don’t post your tutorial on the site) Feel free to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like! http://funfamilycrafts.com/


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